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narrower and narrower. that's a big issue in this presidential campaign. you have president obama talking a lot about the middle class and he wants policies to reinforce that. and jeff is republican challenger mitt romney say he can use as private experience, it's about jobs and that he can help boost everyone's living that way. it's become a big issue, this divide in our country. sometimes it can be hard to see so it's interesting you have different regional college because i think the picture nationwide in places like nevada will be did very different than maybe the are here in washington. >> if we look at household assets, would this be larger? because in the two upper percentiles one can assume entire investment. >> there's a lot of other things i going to how wealthy you may feel if you have a car, if you have a house, if you have equity in your house or if you're under water in house. health insurance and other benefits, not just health insurance benefit you might have from your job. they all can help you feel wealthier than you are. at the same time some of the comments have been m
the demonstration should be cancelled. is that right? we did recommend. >> you know, president obama during the large discussions around the new health care law made much of the argument that if you like your plan you are going to be allowed to keep it. can you reflect on how the reality is of what your members are dealing with and their ability to offer products that existed before the enactment of the health care law and what they're dealing with now? .. from cbo, that gives you a window into the potential effects. and so, the honest answer is we don't know what the future will hold and we are going to work very commit very hard to do our part. sec decides about this that will come into effect, were very concerned. >> at yankee said concerned either two or three times, so let me focus on mr. capretta. if you were advising, ms. ignani, on the nature of perkins turned. if you are there looking than a spreadsheet and making some predictions, what are the things she needs to be concerned about it is stated goal of the president of the united states is to be able to offer a program to somethin
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2